Introducing Quinn Archer

Quinn Archer is a British born, Los Angeles based singer, songwriter. Her music was introduced to me as “a remarkable blend of gothic soul with the voice of an old-school diva and More »

Introducing Barsheem

Barsheem is a singer, songwriter, arranger and producer. Growing up in a home, where the sounds of Motown were played non-stop… and being influenced by Marvin Gaye, Billie Holiday, Prince, Michael Jackson… his More »

Introducing Mark Rose

Do you know the feeling when, after just a first few chords, you know it will be a good song? This happened to me when I first heard Mark Rose’s “She Doesn’t”.…

More »

Introducing Marquee Mayfield

“If you like Jay Kay (Jamiroquai), you have to listen to Marquee Mayfield’s music”. You can find this comparison in every other article about him. To be honest, I did that too, More »

Introducing Wullae Wright

Wullae Wright is a singer/songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland. He writes, records and produces all his own music, since 1999. During this time he recorded 4 self-produced albums and 2 EPs. His albums More »

Introducing Broadcast Hearts

Totally by coincidence I “discovered” the band Broadcast Hearts today. As soon as I heard the song “The Captain’s Call” I became a fan of their music. Just in case, I still More »

Meet the Dirtswitch

So I won’t be writing only about foreign bands, let me introduce you a modern rock/post-grunge band from Slovenia, named Dirtswitch.

I must admit that I haven’t heard of them until, a few More »


The Normal Heart, an outstanding TV movie

The photo is from page

The Normal Heart is a drama / TV film, based on a Larry Kramer’s play, written almost 30 years ago. It shows the beginnings of HIV / AIDS epidemic in New York City (in the early 80s), which was first called “gay cancer”, as it appeared that only homosexuals get that disease.…

10 music bloggers who write about new artists (part 2)

cd headphones

Another Follow Friday on Twitter… another list of music bloggers who support and write about new artists (read part 1 here).

  1. James eats, breathes and blogs about music (well, at least that’s what he wrote in his Twitter bio)… on his blog called My Random Jukebox.

Slovenia is also happy (Happy by Pharrell Williams)


“Happy” is a song performed by American singer Pharrell Williams, from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack album. It’s also the lead single from his second studio album, called G I R L.…

I bought a ticket…

Rolling Stones John Mayer

Who has a ticket for the Rolling Stones’ and John Mayer’s concert in Rome, Italy? Me!!! A concert will be at the Circus Maximus on June 22, 2014.

I must admit, I never would have thought that I’d go to the Rolling Stones’ concert one day.…

Introducing Quinn Archer

Quinn Archer

Quinn Archer is a British born, Los Angeles based singer, songwriter. Her music was introduced to me as “a remarkable blend of gothic soul with the voice of an old-school diva and the temperament of a well-brought up angel”.…

Zachary Levi, the hottest nerd in Hollywood

Zachary Levi

It’s Monday. And you know what that means?! It’s time for a Man Candy Monday!!! And this week’s Man Candy is none other than Zachary Levi Pugh. Btw, I totally thought that Levi is his surname!?…

Charlize Theron – it’s impossible not to love her

Charlize Theron

I’ve written about “man candies” a few times so far, but I haven’t written a single blog post about my “woman crushes”. And I have an ultimate woman crush on Charlize Theron, a South African and American actress, fashion model and a former ballet dancer.…

Happy Birthday to me!


Yeah, it’s my birthdaaay!!! Yes, I’m Pisces (if this is important to anyone). I could say that some of the characteristics are true (although I don’t believe in horoscopes much). I like to think that I’m caring, kind and (kind of) smart.…

Coldplay surprised us with a new single


Completely out of the blue, Coldplay decided to publish a new single (& a video for it), called “Midnight”. And this isn’t the only surprise. The song is in completely different style than we’re used from them.…

My new obsession: an English singer Birdy


While surfing the YouTube the other day, I came across Birdy’s video for a song “No Angel” and… I was speechless. She has such a tender, but at the same time very strong voice. …